5 Dragons

5 Dragons Slots is a 5 reel and 25 payline non-progressive video slot that offers free spins, scatter symbols, and hundreds of symbols, which give players the chance to win big rewards.

5 Dragons Slots has more than 243 ways to win, meaning that the slot game offers players a greater chance of winning bigger payouts. Free spins, wilds, and progressive jackpots increase the chances of winning even more.

5 Dragons, as the name suggests, features mythical creatures, and dragons are considered blessed mortals in many Asian cultures. The background of this slot game is a deep purple velvety shade and the graphics make the game even more interesting and engaging. The graphics are created in such a way that when the correct combination is hit, the edges split. For example, whenever you hit a winning combination, the dragon icon burns up.

Important symbols in the Five Dragons slot include koi, turtles, red packets, tigers, coins, different dragons, and high-value cards such as nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings, and trumps. Not only do the graphics give you a glimpse into Asian mythology, but the sound effects that play as the game progresses are sure to make 5 Dragons Slots one of the best casino games you’re likely to ever play.