Domino Gaple

Domino Gaple is a popular domino table board game throughout South East Asia. Funee online Domino Gaple is an authentic simulation of the real scene. Just log in and you can play with players from all over the world, anytime, anywhere, while chatting with friends and sending each other emoticons and props.

Lets see Domino Gaple gameplay overview.

  1. A table of 2-4 players is formed and each player is dealt 7 domino cards randomly by the system.
  2. the first player to play any card, the next player must play a card with at least one of the same number of points as the top or bottom card on the table.
  3. if it is his or her turn to play a card and there is no matching card available, he or she has the option of passing and paying a passing fee to the previous player who played a card.
  4. when a player has played all his cards, that player is the winner; when there is a dead hand, the winner is determined by the number of points and cards left in the player’s hand.

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