Origin of Poker

Kartu remi adalah alat permainan umum yang biasanya langsung terpikirkan ketika The Rummy card is a common game tool that is often considered to be gathered with friends or family.Many you can play from the poker card.Just like the game found in local Boba, you can use a playing card’s game type stacking cloak, cup, Samong.In addition, there are many types of games such as transportation and Pat mosquitoes.However, not many people know the history behind the playing cards.

The origin of playing cards was debated, because what is recorded in history is the Europeans who first introduced it. However there are historical records that show that Europeans found it in the middle of the journey, while playing cards required a printing process. Printing on paper/cloth at that time could only be done in China or Korea, long before it could be done by Europeans.

The origin of the 4 symbol shapes in playing cards is so unique: heart, diamond, spade, curly.┬áType 4 forms were first known in the Middle East. The 4 forms include coins, cups, swords and sticks. The form eventually evolved over time: coins became diamonds, cups depicting “love” became hearts, swords became spades and sticks became curly. While the design of the face on the King, Queen and Jack cards comes from the development of playing cards in France.

The face in the French deck is named and made to resemble historical figures. The king of the heart was Charlemagne, the king of diamonds was Julius Caesar, the curly king was Alexander the Great and the king of spades was King David of the Gospels. Playing cards became the most popular gaming tool in France. Since its creation, playing cards have not only been used as a game involving one deck, but many other functions.

Because it involved faces and numbers in the design of the cards, playing cards began to be used as a predicting tool. In addition, since ancient times, the game forming buildings from playing cards is very popular. In 1992, for the first time a person was recorded in the world record as the tallest card building builder. In ancient Europe, playing cards were used as one of the largest tax-contributing products. Mantep, right?