PC↔ Mobile ↔ H5

Three ends of interoperability( PC↔ Mobile ↔ H5 ) means that in the case of the same game logged into the same account, the gameplay, data and also interaction of PC, mobile or H5 are all completely unified, just like the same system and the same platform logged in, no trace of different players being logged in on different platforms can be seen at all.

Data interconnection

Whether it is PC, mobile or H5 game, you can login in with the same user id, and all data props and information under the account are exactly the same.

Play interconnection

Any Funee games with cross-platform connectivity across three platforms will have consistent gameplay and settings across all three platforms, without any differences, even in events or interfaces.

Interaction interconnection

Whether it’s the PC mobile or H5, there are no barriers caused by different systems for all the gifts and social interactions within the game, making it completely seamless and integrated.